What You Need to Know About Notary Public Services Here in Melbourne – Our Take

Notary Public Services Here in Melbourne - Our Take

Whether it’s for legal documentation, business transactions, or personal matters, having access to certified notary services ensures the integrity and authenticity of your documents. At Bardo Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being a top-tier Notary Public in Melbourne that caters to a wide range of needs, underlining our commitment to excellence and reliability.

What You Need to Know About Notary Public Services Here in Melbourne - Our Take

Understanding Notary Public in Melbourne Services

In Victoria, a Notary Public is a senior lawyer, like those at Bardo Lawyers, who has the authority to certify and attest to documents for them to be valid internationally. Our team of Certified Notary Melbourne professionals is adept at handling various documents, from affidavits to contracts, and more, providing peace of mind to our clients.


Why Choose Bardo Lawyers for Your Notary Needs?

Our services as a Notary Public in Melbourne stand out for several reasons. Firstly, our extensive experience in the field allows us to offer swift and accurate notarisation, essential for time-sensitive documents. Secondly, our familiarity with international law ensures that documents notarised by us are recognised globally, a must-have for businesses and individuals dealing with overseas entities.

All notarial services provided by us are conducted by our Principal Solicitor, Nazim El-Bardouh. Nazim is a seasoned legal professional, boasting over a decade of experience in the field, with a special accreditation in immigration law. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive notarial fees across Victoria, with charges based on the duration required to affix the Notary Signature, Stamp, and Official Seal on the pertinent documents.


Services Offered


Our Melbourne Notary services are comprehensive, covering:

  • Document Certification: Ensuring the veracity of personal records, including passports, academic achievements, and vital statistics documents.
  • Corporate Documentation Notarisation: Affirming the legitimacy of business papers, such as meeting minutes, corporate resolutions, and agreements.
  • Trademark Documentation Notarisation: Validating the authenticity of trademark-related documents for legal protection.
  • Legal Document Preparation and Notarisation: Assisting in the creation and certification of legal documents, including affidavits and contracts, for international legal proceedings or use by foreign governmental bodies.
  • Apostille Certification Guidance: Offering advice on the Apostille certification process with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for global document recognition.

Be confident that by selecting Bardo Lawyers for your notarial requirements, you are entrusting your documents to Nazim El-Bardouh, our Principal Solicitor. Nazim, with his extensive legal background spanning more than ten years and a speciality in immigration law, ensures that each document is handled with expertise and thorough attention to detail.


Navigating Legal Documents with Ease

The complexity of legal documentation requires a knowledgeable Notary Public in Melbourne. Our team not only provides notarisation but also advises on the process, ensuring that your documents meet the specific requirements of their intended use.


Global Recognition

As a Certified Notary Public in Melbourne, we guarantee that documents notarised by us are prepared in accordance with the highest standards, ensuring their acceptance in jurisdictions around the world. This global recognition is invaluable for businesses expanding internationally and individuals with matters abroad.


Efficient and Confidential Service

At Bardo Lawyers, we understand the importance of confidentiality in our work. Our Legal Notary Melbourne services are conducted with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your documents are handled securely from start to finish.


Flexible Appointment Options

We know that time is of the essence. That’s why our Notary Public in Melbourne Services are designed to fit around your schedule, offering flexible appointment options to ensure that your notary needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Notary Public Services Here in Melbourne - Our Take

Frequently Asked Questions


What documents can be notarised by a Notary Public in Melbourne?

A Notary Public in Melbourne can notarise a wide range of documents, including but not limited to affidavits, contracts, power of attorney, deeds, corporate documents, government applications, and educational certificates. Each document type is handled with the utmost professionalism to ensure its domestic and international legal standing.

When signing a document in the presence of a notary public, individuals must verify their identity by presenting 100 points of identification, such as a valid driver’s licence or passport, at the appointment. Original identification documents are required, and the notary reserves the right to determine their acceptability. In cases where a document is signed on behalf of a company, the representative must also provide 100 points of identification, alongside proof of their authority to sign for the company. The notary has the discretion to decide if the provided evidence is adequate and may decline to witness the signature if not convinced. Please note, the notary is obliged to retain copies of all identification and authorisation documents for our records.

How do I prepare for a notarisation appointment at Bardo Lawyers?

To prepare for your notarisation appointment, ensure you have all the documents that require notarisation, any related supporting documents, and a valid form of identification, such as a passport or driver’s licence. It is also advisable to confirm with Bardo Lawyers if there are any specific requirements or preparatory steps needed before your appointment.


Are documents notarised by Bardo Lawyers recognised internationally?

Yes, documents notarised by Bardo Lawyers are recognised internationally. Our Certified Notary Melbourne professionals follow strict guidelines and standards to ensure that each notarised document meets the global requirements, facilitating their acceptance in jurisdictions around the world.


What is the difference between a notary public and a solicitor?

While both notaries public and solicitors can provide legal services, a notary public specialises in the notarisation of documents for their use abroad, authenticating the signer’s identity and their understanding and willingness to sign. Solicitors, on the other hand, primarily provide legal advice, draft legal documents, and represent clients in legal matters. Notaries have a specific role that often involves dealing with international documents.


How long does the notarisation process take at Bardo Lawyers?

The duration of the notarisation process can vary depending on the type and number of documents that require notarisation. However, Bardo Lawyers strives to provide efficient and prompt service. For a smoother and quicker process, it is recommended to book an appointment in advance and ensure that all necessary documents are prepared. Typically, simpler transactions can be completed within the same day, while more complex cases may require additional time.


The Bardo Lawyers’ Difference

Choosing Bardo Lawyers means opting for a seamless experience with professional Certified Notary Melbourne services. Our attention to detail, understanding of legal complexities, and commitment to client satisfaction set us apart as leaders in the Melbourne Notary Services field.

In conclusion, for all your Notary Public in Melbourne needs, Bardo Lawyers offers the expertise, reliability, and service excellence you deserve. Our team is ready to assist with any notary service, providing peace of mind and legal recognition for your documents, both locally and internationally. Trust us to support you through every step of the process, ensuring that your documents are in capable hands.


Your Trusted Partner in Legal Documentation

At Bardo Lawyers, we are more than just a Legal Notary Public in Melbourne; we are your partners in navigating the complexities of legal documentation. Contact us today to experience the difference that a professional notary Notary Public Melbourne can make.

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