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Marriage, De Facto Divorce Law

  • Prenuptial agreements (prenups)
  • Divorce in Australia including preparing and serving divorce papers
  • Legal separation issues
  • Annulment of marriages
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property settlements
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Domestic and family violence and intervention violence orders (IVOs)
  • Family Mediation
  • Legal representation at Family Court

Children’s issues

  • Child support & enforcement of payments
  • Parenting plans for child custody & visitation
  • Parental rights, father’s rights and grandparent’s rights
  • Guardianship of children
  • International child abduction
  • Adoption
  • Children’s Court


Bardo Lawyers is an Australian family law firm situated in Melbourne which works solely with Australian family law cases. Our family lawyers in Melbourne are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria. We possess the expertise and knowledge to help solve any family law issue swiftly. Our lawyers work with:
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Family Law
We specialise in the property settlement, resolving financial and parenting disagreements when there are children involved. We settle your disputes with a collaborative lawyer and mediation when possible. If this isn’t possible, then we guarantee that your case is handled without delay through the family law courts to get the best results. Our lawyers have immeasurable experience having successfully and effectively conducted court cases in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, High Court of Australia, and the Federal Magistrates Court. Whether your case involves a prenup or child support, you can be sure that we know how to deal with it in the best way possible and to get the best outcome for you. With our proficient guidance, representation, and advice, many of our clients are capable of achieving timely settlements through mediation, evading the stress, delay, and expense of family law court proceedings. Nonetheless, some cases can’t be resolved, and it becomes mandatory to begin court proceedings in order to support your best interests. You’ll have the advantage of our firm’s all-encompassing experience and knowledge in understanding when it’s best to litigate in court and realizing when it’s best to settle out of court. Our Melbourne family lawyers understand that family law is both emotionally complex and challenging. In our experience, possessing some helpful information can aid you in understanding the road to come. If you want the best family lawyers in Melbourne, get in touch with our family law specialists. For the best possible legal advice, contact our team of specialist family lawyers. We practice family law exclusively and work with you to accomplish the best possible outcome. In our family law office in Melbourne, we offer advice on a variety of issues such as divorce and child support. We operate entirely in divorce and children’s concerns. Our lawyers have years of expertise and skill to deal with any family law issue. Our group of highly-educated and extremely qualified lawyers includes accredited family law specialists who are true professionals in family law and understand the feelings related to separation and divorce. In family law, each person’s situation is different. We don’t utilize a cookie-cutter approach to our cases, but instead treat your family law problem as unique, necessitating legal intervention according to the goals you want to reach.Our experience means we can solve most family law issues by agreement. When an agreement isn’t possible, we deliver strong and proficient representation in court. We have massive experience in difficult family law matters.   We want to eliminate your anxiety by working towards a considerately negotiated settlement rather than having a long drawn out battle. When possible, we suggest counseling for couples where fitting and encourage mediation as a procedure for discussing settlement possibilities and resolutions of every issue.


A divorce is the legal dissolvent of a marriage in which either party separately or jointly is capable of making the divorce application. There are numerous reasons why people ask for a divorce. While each scenario is different and possesses its own collection of circumstances, there are reasons that are more common than others, such as
  • Not marrying for the right reasons
  • A co-dependent marriage
  • No commitment
  • Not being faithful
  • Age
  • Behaviour is abusive/violent
  • Money
As the best divorce lawyers in Melbourne, Bardo Lawyers offer top quality representation and advice in every aspect of family law, like property settlement, child support, child custody, and parenting arrangements. If you want to divorce in Melbourne, you need to be separated for 12 months prior to applying for a divorce. On the other hand, you don’t have to wait until you’re divorced to settle financial matters and arrange custody and support for your children. If you want to file for divorce, we can assist you. You might find it simpler for us to prepare the application for divorce, serve your spouse with it, and finalise your divorce for you. Our Melbourne divorce lawyers also attend your divorce hearing to guarantee you are granted a divorce as fast as possible. Some divorces are more complex than others. For instance, you can still live together in the same home after separating. In these circumstances, we prepare the necessary documents required to satisfy the court and get a divorce. If your spouse has applied for a divorce, we can help you respond to or oppose it. While you can manage your divorce procedures with the aid of online kits and online resource information, using a DIY divorce kit can be complicated.Australian divorce laws can get perplexing, and if things get confusing, it is more difficult to go back and hire a divorce lawyer in Melbourne to fix the problem than evading one from the beginning. There are other legal obligations that need to be contemplated when filing for divorce. Regarding the divorce hearing, in most circumstances, it isn’t required that you appear in person. You don’t have to attend unless you are a sole applicant on the divorce and there are children under 18 involved. If you can’t attend your divorce hearing, you can request to appear via telephone. If you have any questions, require any additional information, or would like to talk to a divorce lawyer, contact us and one of our lawyers will get in touch with you quickly. Our clients are individuals in the Melbourne, Australia area who require a wide range of legal advice and service regarding divorce and family law. They need lawyers who are reachable and capable in providing knowledgeable advice on their divorce issues at an affordable cost. Our clients come to us for all types of divorce advice requests. They’re from backgrounds of all types as well as socio-economic status. We’re able to take care of their needs by offering a flexible and customised approach to family law that makes them feel comfortable and content during this tough time. CHILD CUSTODY LAWYERS MELBOURNE Legal cases in which children are involved needs to be handled with compassion, but they also may need to be handled quickly to prevent long-lasting emotional damage to the children. At Bardo Lawyers, our child custody lawyers in Melbourne possess the resources, knowledge, and expertise to advise on the best way to protect the children and the client’s interest. If necessary, we can recommend the top counselors and psychologists to help in receiving a reasonable outcome. If you separate and you have children, the first priority is to set up living arrangements for your children. The parenting arrangements should be in the best interest of the children. Our child custody/child support lawyers can assist you in reaching an agreement with the other parent about parenting issues. If needed, we can direct you to counseling services to aid with this procedure. There is no typical child custody arrangement. Usually, a child lives primarily with one parent and then spends time with the other parent. There are arrangements in which a child spends the same amount of time with each parent. Various arrangements work for various families. If you and your partner come to an agreement, we can formalise the arrangements by getting family court orders without you ever going to court. Court orders aren’t needed for every couple. We can discuss with you whether this setup will be most helpful for you. Our child custody lawyers in Melbourne can also speak with you regarding parenting arrangements and others concerns regarding parenting your children. Grandparents, or others who are important people in the lives of your children, may want to be sure that they can continue to visit or see their grandchildren after a separation or divorce. Our Melbourne child custody lawyers possess the competence to act for family members in numerous situations, such as the case when parents are able to take care of their children. If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement about parenting your children, or if there are crucial issues that have to be addressed, proceedings in family court are necessary. We can represent you in court and guide you during the whole, sometimes complex, process. With our competence and skills, we promise that your case will be presented to the court in a way that gives you the preferred outcome for you and your children. Our child support lawyers can also advise you regarding your obligations to provide monetary support for your children.While child custody cases can be emotionally draining, our approach is intendedto minimise anxiety and make the process simple. Our process embroils an honest assessment of your entitlements and rights, as well as a complete breakdown of the child custody process, expected costs, and timelines. Our Melbourne family law specialists deliver clear communication from start to finish. At Bardo, our family lawyers in Melbourne can help you reach anappropriate child-focused agreement with the other parent which gratifiesboth parents.If you require legal guidance regarding your child and parenting concerns during divorce proceedings or after a separation, reach out to our proficient legal team immediately.