Rose Nguyen

Rose Nguyen
Business Development & Marketing Manager
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  • Rose is a marketing and business development specialist who has occupied various business development and marketing roles across a number of fields and has always utilised her valuable expertise to assist businesses in growing their client base.
  • She holds various qualifications of management , marketing and accounting.
  • Rose is a prominent Vietnamese figure across all Australian states.
  • Her Business acumen and connections has helped her to grow a large network of loyal clients within and outside Australia and to establish links between businesses and clients in her home country Vietnam and Australia.
  • The key element to Rose’s success is her continuing and unfettered dedication to her clients.
  • Her ability to speaks Vietnamese fluently is another key element to her success.
  • She possesses wide knowledge in business and management on account of her extensive experience.
  • She is the founder of  Rosy Holding Group which specializes in different types of business development and marketing in various fields such as the education industry, legal services , newspapers & media and construction.