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Family Law, Divorce & Separation

Child Custody Lawyers Melbourne

At Bardo Zouki Noureddine Lawyers, our child custody lawyers can provide expert advice on the best way to protect your children and your time with the children.

Child Custody

If you separate and you have children, the first priority is to set up living arrangements for your children.

The parenting arrangements should be in the best interest of the children. Our family law team can assist you in reaching an agreement with the other parent about parenting issues.
There is no typical child custody arrangement. Usually, a child lives primarily with one parent and then spends time with the other parent. There are arrangements in which a child spends the same amount of time with each parent. Various arrangements work for various families.

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Child support
child custody

Next Steps and Considerations

If you and your partner come to an agreement, we can formalise the arrangements by making an application to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia without you ever going to court. Court orders are not needed for every couple.

If you and the other parent are unable to come to an agreement about parenting arrangements, or if there are crucial issues that have to be addressed, court proceedings may be necessary. In this case, our child custody lawyers can appear for you at court and guide you during the whole, sometimes complex, process.

Grandparents, or others who are important people in the lives of your children, may want to be sure that they can continue to visit or see their grandchildren after a separation or divorce. This type of consideration is familiar to the parenting lawyers at our Melbourne office. Let our experience ensure your agreement is settled in a smooth and timely manner with minimal stress.

When it comes to parenting arrangements, the Family Law Act sets down the following principles:

All children have a right to know both parents and to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

All children have a right to be protected from harm (from physical, psychological abuse harm and being subjected to family violence)

Parenting is a responsibility that should be shared equally provided this does not put children at risk.

Parents should be able to work out together what is best for children rather than fighting in a courtroom.

The best interests of the child are the paramount consideration when making a parenting order.

Child Custody

When the Court is required to make Orders for children, the Court will take into account the followings:

  1. the aim of the Family Law Act (Section 60B);
  2. the children’s best interests (Section 60CA); and
  3. a number of specified factors set out in (Section 60CC).

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